Sunrise is a special time of the day, with warm fingers caressing the soul With fields of grass singing a praise How trees mighty limbs reach upwards to the rays Wild animals jump and frolic along their way Sunrise is a special time to pray To thank the lord for giving us another day, ToContinue reading “Sunrise”

Hurray!! We have 3 new Brittany Spaniel puppies available for reservation. Our male puppies are as follows: 1 orange, 1 liver tri-color . We have 1 liver tri color female.

Wire Fox Terrier Puppies

Leopard Geckos at Edenzone Pets

This is not the actual leopard gecko for sale in the store. This picture is a representation of the species.

AKC French Brittany Spaniel puppies

He’s from the last litter. This new litter will be ready to go on January 20,2020 at 8 weeks. We have 1 of each color. 1 liver tri, orange and black tri . They’re all males. They’re 750.00.

AKC Registered French Brittany Spaniels at Edenzone Pets!

We have 2 male and one female Brittany puppies available. They’re 9 weeks old on Feb 1st 2020. They’re AKC, with unlimited registration. They would make excellent family pets or hunters. They’re 750.00. Visit our website at We also have 3 newborn Brittany puppies. Our puppies will be ready to go on January 23,2020.Continue reading “AKC Registered French Brittany Spaniels at Edenzone Pets!”