Edenzone Pets and Supplies is expecting quail chicks!

Here at Edenzone we have Coturnix Quail chicks on the way. This is an exciting new addition to our list of great pets. In addition, we’re working on Blue scale, Mountain Quail and California Valley Quail soon. Email Felicia at edenzonepets@gmail.com


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Hurray!! We have 3 new Brittany Spaniel puppies available for reservation. Our male puppies are as follows: 1 orange, 1 liver tri-color . We have 1 liver tri color female.

Wire Fox Terrier Puppies


Leopard Geckos at Edenzone Pets

This is not the actual leopard gecko for sale in the store. This picture is a representation of the species.

AKC French Brittany Spaniel puppies

He’s from the last litter. This new litter will be ready to go on January 20,2020 at 8 weeks. We have 1 of each color. 1 liver tri, orange and black tri . They’re all males. They’re 750.00.